The Bakers’ Dozen Trilogies

The “Bakers Dozen” Trilogies of novels are based on real-life police investigations.

PIB Investigation # 434: Operation Tarnished Shield is the first of three fictional stories in the “Bakers’ Dozen” Series of novels. Based on the actual criminal investigation conducted by the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards (OPS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This operation led to an eighteen month investigation with the subsequent arrest and conviction of twelve Metropolitan Police Officers. The operation was quickly shut down when the murder of a MPD police officer and an OPS investigator was planned by the “Bakers’ Dozen” crew.

From prostitution and gambling, to murder and sex, these MPD officers did it all!  They were living lifestyles beyond their wildest dreams where every day was Christmas and every night was New Years Eve. But it had to end!

The disclosure of this investigation called for wide-sweeping changes to MPD Department policy that was mandated by a Congressional hearing and demanded by embarrassed DC city residents.


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