Getting Over on Others…With Permission

Dale Sollars’ Newest Book in a Series of …

Getting Over on Others . . .
with Permission

Redirecting the Sociopathic Edge on Society

Getting Over on Others…With Permission Redirecting the Sociopathic Edge on SocietyWhat This Book is About …

Don’t think about how this book will make you look innocent when you’re really guilty. I can make your involvement in any crime look less important. I’ll tell you how to confuse the authorities and they’ll drop your case. You’ll evade arrest and look innocent when you’re really guilty! And you’ll pay me a hefty fee for the inside information and techniques I’ll share with you … to avoid detection.

I’m not helping criminals get away with crime,
or helping them get over on you …
they already know all about that!

In this book, I’ll make you aware of the sociopathic methods con men and the so-called criminal types utilize to take advantage of you.

You’re probably a decent person who follows rules and you most likely have a conscience. But the small percent of our population who are sociopathic and antisocial don’t follow rules or have any sort of a conscience. Yes, people take advantage of you … with your permission!

I’ll explain how guilty persons answer questions during interrogation to avoid deception. 

If you have a career in sales or marketing, I’ll tell you how you can quickly increase sales commissions and maximize your profits. Your supervisor or boss will see you as the right person for the job and you’ll be promoted because   you’ll take control of every conversation, and never lose an argument.

All with their permission and they’ll love you for it!

People will tell you things about their life that even their spouse doesn’t know.

If you’re the leader of a wealthy civic group I’ll show you how people befriend you and take your money … all with your permission!

If you’re a professional investigator looking into white-collar crimes, investigating victim identity theft, corporate theft, arson or sex investigations this book is essential to have. You’ll learn how to close more cases and be “the interrogation specialist” in your agency. By using the Identifying Deceptive Behavior (IDB) TM strategy, you’ll quickly see “it’s right there!”

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