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Getting Over on Others . . .
With Permission
Redirecting the Sociopathic Edge on Society

I haven’t taken the last eight years of my life writing this to write this book with the idea of telling anything but the truth. I’m not writing this to tell you about what’s great in our society or alarm you with facts about crime. There are more good people in society than bad, but those few bad apples cause lots of problems for the rest of us because we give them permission. We try to arrange our lives to fit the norms and social boundaries and raise our children to do likewise. We learn to be nice to others and are scolded when we alter from those ten concepts that have governed us for thousands of years. Those very concepts are being challenged and we’re losing the battle. This book is not about religion or politics or low – and high-class standards of living. It wasn’t written to change about our current government issues or its foreign policy.

It is written to inform you about a wave of sociopathic conspiracy that is raining down on our communities and shows no end of flooding the entire landscape. It’s moving at an alarming rate of speed, growing deeper as it spreads its ideas in business, government, and schools. And it goes primarily undetected. This book is about making you aware of a flood of sociopathic individuals that prey on you and your children through phone calls, business ventures, con games, and in our daily interaction with others

Their game plan is very simple: to take advantage of us at each opportunity, con us out of our savings, take our identity, ruin our credit and change our entire value system all for their benefit. It’s about those very few individuals in our neighborhoods holding real power over our community and our way of life.

Sociopathic activity as we know it today is a relatively new term. There have always been criminals throughout our history, but none quite like what we’re seeing in recent times. Scandals and politics go hand in hand in each city, and we see no signs of it getting better. The sociopathic edge I’m writing about is a new chapter in recent our history, and this chapter is unique as you learn about this new type of criminality.

Experience has taught me that the average person tells more lies each day than they tell the truth. That’s right, and if you think about it, you’ll understand what I mean. How many times a day are you required to tell the truth, and how many opportunities are presented to you to embellish the truth or just stretch a true statement just a little? Studying the information in this book will peak your interest by quickly identifying deception through a set of unique skills and techniques that were utilized by me and used by other professional criminal interrogators.

Through practical application, you’ll learn how to utilize a variety of methods to expand your skills required for detecting verbal and nonverbal modes of deception. By absorbing the information contained in this book you’ll learn to detect deception and avoid being conned by salespeople, associates, business partners, and friends.